Where do I buy these Products?  Our products are sold on online Retail Stores and NFT Marketplaces.  Popquiz Gods is currently on: Etsy, OpenSea, Rarible, Kalamint, and Mintable

What is your Return or Cancellation policy?  All products are final sale; unless they are damaged in the mail while getting to you. 

What do you mean by Limited Edition(s)?  A 'limited edition' means there is only a specific amount being sold.  We honor this amount and never change it, no matter how popular the work.  We may branch out to other mediums, for example from a non-fungible token (NFT) to a Print/Poster, but we will never go back to creating more of the initial medium. We value this promise to further establish our integrity, honesty, and trust with our Supporters.

Do you have a Smart Contract for your NFT Collections?  All our Smart Contracts are from established NFT Marketplaces (dApps).  We believe these are the most secure and tested for User confidence. 

Why is Popquiz Gods on so many Blockchains?  It is not always in our best interest to sell our works to only one NFT Blockchain/Marketplace; however we do not duplicate the same work on another Blockchain(s).  We believe sharing our collection to different blockchains gives everyone a chance to participate.  Currently we are on Ethereum, Tezos, and Solana.     

Why are some of your works priced so high?  Certain works are priced higher because there is only one of that work (one-of-one [1/1]) and as the value of Popquiz Gods increases so will these rare one of kind works.

I see most of your NFT Collections currently are only 10-20 pieces, will you have larger Collections in the future?  Yes, we are working on it.  Stay tuned.  

Do you offer Free-Shipping for your products?  Yes, we offer free international shipping with all our products. 

Are taxes included in your pricing?  Yes, all products already have tax included.

Do you have a White-Paper regarding your NFT/Blockchain goals and roadmap?  Yes, please email us directly to request a copy. 

Where do I find the latest news about Popquiz Gods?  Stay in touch via our Instagram, Twitter, or join our Newsletter/Mailing-List.

Have more questions?  Send us an email at: popquizgods@gmail.com